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Hathor's message 2 us

Hello friends,

We feel that modern humans need high frequency tools to learn about, develop a relationship with, and step into the highest version of Self. Here is my 1st go at embodying Hathor! This is my fun and unconventional way to release limited programming :) The inquiry, how would she be, what would she say in these times?? Here is my "channeled message" from Hathor the primordial mother Goddess, here to support the awakening of sacred feminine energy on planet Earth!

"Do you know what is sexy? Receptivity!"

"Hello you beautiful, and magical beings, I am the great Egyption Goddess Hathor with a public service message for humans. It is my job to light your way to receptivity and gratitude. Many associate me with nurturing, creativity and motherhood. I am the embodiment of the Milky Way, the "Winged Cow of Creation," considered to be the "Holy Heifer" that symbolizes the Universe, heavens, the Sun, the moon, the stars, and all life. I bring Love, music, dance, happiness, celebration life itself to all of Creation. I created your body and am responsible for all earthly pleasures. No big deal!...." (wink) I am here to bring you the message of receptivity. We all have a nurturing side that cares for those in need, however if the beings in question are unable to receive my flow becomes blocked. My darlings….Now is the time: Please allow your inner feminine to bloom! Some of these characteristics include wisdom, kindness, dynamic beauty, inspired creativity and compassion. These essncfe qualities will rise to the surface to enable humans to lead with love! Love is your natural state. Regardless of your gender identity, you have an inner divine feminine that guides your intuitive powers. NOW is the time to honor this, and celebrate your magnificence! Receiving is the essence of feminine energy, this means giving yourself permission to receive with Joy. Allowing yourself to open up to receiving enables you to fill your cup so you can give entirely to others. I am here to tell you to do more of what brings you pleasure, feel it deeply and share your bliss with loved ones! By the way….As a Goddess, I once possessed the ability to manipulate anyone, whether they be mortal, god, or beast to do my bidding. When I used this ability, my eyes will briefly glow Gold and I would say: "I command you!” However,the real power in the universe is reflected within you…. You are a totally free, magical and sovereign being with free will that cannot be manipulated or controlled. So I will go life coach on you, and make a humble request: Please dear one choose to focus more on the many pleasures of your life. Let go of the Illusion of lack, and false control systems created by the obsolete power structure you may have adopted to fit into “society”? Here are some ideas to support you: Choose to notice the many gifts your Mother... Earth has given you with gratitude each day and be specific. I ask you to come up with at least five things that bring you joy daily: Maybe it is the presence of a loved one, the beauty of nature, flowers, chocolate, your breath, or even a hug. Be present with this and say, Thank you! For everything…. This is truly the only prayer. Perhaps you would like to write the things you are most grateful for in a journal, along with your powerful insights? Take in the light of who you are with Deep abdominal breaths, moments of silence, dancing or walking with your Mother Earth with bare feet? Being with Mother Nature in silence supersedes any of the mental stuff mentioned prior. Nature is your true nature…. There is no mistake that you have incarnated on the Earth at this precious time. You are a powerful being with a purpose far greater than you have ever imagined to be of unique service to humanity. To become who you were born to be in this world you must give up your old story of lack, shame or anything that separates you from your higher Self- you are needed and you are loved. Humans must move out of the delusional survival or victim mentality, and choose to courageously live from the awareness that I have created total abundance for Everyone. This is a call to Action for you, if you are ready to Awaken to you really are! Give yourself permission to BECOME your Divine Self and participate in activities that inspire your passions or excite you and consciously choose to consistently feed your life force energy. Perhaps you would enjoy a trip to the spa, a walk in nature, flowers, a bubble bath, or a massage? Maybe it's some quiet time, or snuggling up with a good book? Give yourself something that you would like to receive from a lover, use your imagination, and soak all that LOVE and positive energy. Allow yourself to FEEL and receive the Unconditional Love of Mother Earth and your inner Goddess! Move in this world from a place of giving and receiving of more Love. Choose to embody unconditional love and deep compassion towards yourself as well as others. Do you know what is sexy? Receptivity!" #feministpower #feminism #equality #relationshipcoaching #shaktitantra

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