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About Me/EPK

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I am grateful to have the opportunity to study and practice the non-duel path of Dzogchen Tantra Yoga, focused on Self Realization with Enlightened female Masters for over 20 years.  My direct Vedic and Tibetan lineage includes HH Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, HH Dudjom Rinpoche, as well as Enlightened women.  These high level teachers, teachings, and mindfulness practices have increased my level of Self Love, inner peace and has positively informed how I live my life.   Today I offer ancient made modern non-duel meditation instruction, coaching, & authentic relating Circles designed to support your deeper connection to our home frequency-Mother Earth.  

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Portrait of Staci Weller, Spirtual Relationship Coach, smiling

I am a Relationship & Sacred Partnership Coach, Founder of Shakti Tribe Mystery School, & RYT Meditation Instructor.  I have been a Certified Professional Coach practicing meditation, and energy healing since 2000.  I am passionate about bringing non-duel yoga tools into sacred, transformational & Collaborative Spaces.   

My lifetime of experience has given me the skills to hold the space and mentor those who are ready to feel, heal, and clear.  I love to support others in experiencing more gratitude, Self Love, Self-care, and pleasure, while being part of a positive heart based community.  

Personal Statement:  Covid and leaving my Corporate job has given me the opportunity to let go of my disempowering stories, while awakening to the truth of who I am, and why I am here.  Today, I am joyfully claiming and normalizing my intuitive “superpowers”, connection to mySelf, fellow beings,  and the Earth as our Mother.   I do my best to embody my highest Self in the present moment, and inspire others to do the same.   My mission is to serve Mother Earth, support the balance and harmonizing of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energy within Everyone.  I am one of the many mothers of “Sacred Humanism", we are about claiming empowerment, unity, full liberation, and Equality for Everyone.  I believe we are here to birth "Partnership Consciousness" and all have an important part to play in this Great Shift.  AND SO WE ARE!    


Short term Service Goal:  I am assembling the “Feminist Power" team, who are here to ensure the publication of the Ratified ERA.  ERA, The Equal Rights Amendment guarantees gender Equality under the US Constitution and is the 28th Amendment, ratified in January of 2020.  The removal of the "time limit" created by Congress is all that stands in the way of US Gender Equality, and has awaiting Senate vote since January of 2020.  The obsolete power structures have failed to act on behalf of women.  We are stepping out of Victim Feminism, and into Radial Sacred 5D Feminism, that is being created NOW.   

We call for the IMMEDIATE publication of the Ratified ERA. 

Learn more at this link:  Ratified ERA/the 28th Amendment 

All for love,
Staci Weller, CPC, RYT, BS 

I provide a safe space of Unconditional Love, where positive transformation occurs naturally, from the inside out.
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