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About Me/EPK

Portrait of Staci Weller, Spirtual Relationship Coach, smiling

I am grateful to have the opportunity to study and practice the non-dual path of Dzogchen Tantra Yoga, focused on Self Realization with an Enlightened female Master for over 20 years.  My Vedic and Tibetan lineage includes: HH Maharishi Mahesh Yogi & HH Dudjom Rinpoche. My direct teacher is and Enlightened women-Joy Gilbert.  Practicing meditation and yoga teachings has exponentially increased my level of Self Love, inner peace and positively informed how I live my life. Research on meditation has consistently found that it improves everything in life, and our overall well being.  

Tantric Yoa Master, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Tantric Yoa Master, H.H. Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche

I am the  founder of "Shakti Tribe", a modern, non-dual authentic Shakti yoga tradition here to support the spiritual awakening of women. I am grateful to serve as a Spiritual Relationship Coach, RYT, Meditation Instructor, and Tantric lineage holder. I have been a Certified Professional Relationship Coach, meditation teacher, and energy intuitive since 2001. 

I am passionate about bringing non-dual authentic Shakti tantra yoga practices into sacred & collaborative spaces. I hold Bachelor's degrees in International Economics and Psychology.

In addition, I have had a career for over 25 years as a corporate Sales Executive in the areas of High Tech and Education.  

My lifetime of experience has given me the skills to hold the space and mentor those who are ready to feel, heal, and clear. I love to support our growing positive heart based community in experiencing more presence, gratitude, Self Love, Self-care, and pleasure in the present moment. 

Personal Statement:  Covid and leaving my Corporate job has given me the opportunity to let go of my dis-empowering stories, while awakening to the truth of who I am, and why I am here.  Today, I am joyfully claiming and normalizing my intuitive “superpowers”, connection to mySelf, fellow beings,  and the Earth as our Mother. I do my best to embody my highest Self in the present moment, and inspire others to do the same. My mission:  I am here to serve Mother Earth, by supporting the balance and harmonizing of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies within Everyone. I am one of the many leaders of the "Shakti Tribe /Feminist Power" movement, here to lead with compassion, wisdom and most of all LOVE into a new world based in PEACE.   Shakti Tribe CLAIMS spiritual sovereignty, empowerment, unity, full liberation, and Equality for wo/men as our birth right!  We visualize the great shift of humanity co-creating "Equality Consciousness".   

Short term 3D service goal:  The "Shakti Tribe" team, has CLAIMED full equality for women globally. As Equals to the Masculine.  We also CLAIM US Constitutional Equality, and call on our leaders to immediatley publish the Ratified ERA. ERA, The Equal Rights Amendment guarantees gender Equality under the US Constitution and is the 28th Amendment, ratified in January of 2020.  The removal or dismissal of the "time limit" by Congress is all that stands in the way of Gender Equality, and full legal protections for US Women. 

ERA UPDATE ON 4/27/23-47 US GOP Senators (7 of whom are women) voted AGAINST PUBLISHING ERA, sex equality & basic rights for women and girls. Our Empowered Feminist movement suggests that obsolete power structures have CONSISTENTLY failed to protect women, or act on our behalf. US HERSTORY teaches us that obsolete sexist power structures that have been invested in creating a hostile landscape for feminine expression in all areas of our modern global "society".  We suggest it is time to have conversations about Equality, attract resourced allies, and develop a strategy outside Politics.  Once we become aware, we know that complacency is agreement.  Our new world empowered feminist movement is consciously birthing a vital empowered, playful feminist movement with high level allies. 


Are you passionate about Gender Equality?

Will you consider supporting OUR vision?  

Please learn more and donate here:

The women of the world call for the IMMEDIATE publication of the Ratified ERA-the seed for peace on Earth.

Learn more at this link:  Ratified ERA/the 28th Amendment 

All for love,

My Story

After 17 years of what I call “trial and error” dating, and lot of frustration and heartbreak, I got to a point where I realized I needed to be the "chooser"!  I got real about how I was or was not showing up in relationships.   I started to intentionally observe what was keeping from opening my heart, and found that I had some unhealthy relationship patterns that I repeated over and over.  Finally, I said “enough!” and consciously chose to become my own best partner. 

Portrait of Staci and husband Tom

Once I committed to honoring and loving myself, I got really clear about who I am and what I wanted in my life. I made a shift: Instead of focusing and complaining to my girlfriends about what I did not want in a partner. I shifted my focus to the characteristics that I REALLY wanted in a healthy partnership, practiced self love (meditation) and practiced being more present and in all of my relationships. I became a Personal Coach and got Intentional about the kind of relationship that would support me in being my best Self, and my future partner in being his best Self.  


I declared to the  Universe "I am ready to attract my life partner!" I met my sweet husband at a singles Halloween party weeks after I declared my focused intention. 

Then a miracle occurred, from this place I partnered with the Universe and manifested my amazing husband of 23 years! This relationship still feels magical...

I made a powerful shift from focusing on what I DO want instead of what I don’t. We now have a happy life together with three super cool adult children and a dachshund named Coco. We are not perfect, but we are devoted to each other while co-creating an evolving spiritual growth based partnership. I am grateful every day for my beautiful husband and Soulmate. I am in love with love, so it is with great joy that I help others manifest spiritual partnership.

I provide a safe space of Unconditional Love, where positive transformation occurs naturally, from the inside out.

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