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Custom "Partnership Coaching"

Sacred partnership is when two equals commit to each other for the purpose of mutual support, and personal growth.  The level that we attract is directly related to the level that we know and FEEL the Landscape of our own Soul.  

I support awakening women in manifesting partnerships where both individuals elevate, and bring out the best in each other.  When each person consciously chooses this level of relationship it becomes a vehicle for something deeply enjoyable and nurturing.  Once we raise our level of Self-Love we are in a place to powerfully attract, and maintain a healthy and supportive Spiritual Partnership.

Sacred Feminine and Masculine Holding Eachother

We have all heard the relationship advice: “Be who or what you want to attract” or “be your authentic self” so many times. This is great advice, but where do we learn to BE our authentic Self, if we don’t really know our true self?  How can we experience deep relationships when we have an armored heart?  I invite you to reach out for a session....

Beautiful pink lotus on water

My full 3 month customized coaching partnership includes:  

  • 2 to 3-hour Discovery Session video call, or in-person session 

  • 12 weekly (1 hour) coaching online video or audio calls

  • Additional customized resources & optional weekly meditation sessions. 

How customized relationship coaching works

We begin our coaching relationship with a 2-hour Visioning Session so I may get to know you better,  and the goals you wish to achieve with coaching support.  We will examine your current level of satisfaction in all areas of life and begin to develop a plan together.  You will make a commitment to yourself and me as your coach, and our confidential coaching relationship.  

Your weekly 1:1 coaching sessions are dynamic, unique, and focused on what is most important to you in the present moment.  Our 1 hour video coaching sessions together are all about what you want to focus on, and may include gaining clarity about:

  • your vision and life purpose

  • trusting your higher Self

  • identifying and assessing community resources

  • being held accountable for what you want in your relationships

  • decision-making

  • handling conflicts with compassionate communication

  • developing more self awareness and addressing obstacles head on 

I see you living your vision, while helping you tap into your quantum manifesting abilities, as you step into more and more of your highest Self in the present moment.

LakeCouple .jpeg


“Love is the only transformational

energy in the Universe”

Relationship coaching is about connecting and constantly

checking in with these three key elements

Stage #1

State Your true Essence: How do you connect with your higher Self?


Get real and commit to yourSelf and who you truly want to BE life. Engage  your heart, inner wisdom, and power. Become more aware of your higher Self or relationship to the divine energy within you. 


Inquiry: What feeds your Soul?

woman performing yoga
Man standing on a rock looking out at the sunset on a beach

Stage #2

Drop the Old Story, Commit to unconditional Self Love, while clarifying your grander life vision and your True Story.


Visualize your highest purpose and begin to feel the pull of your deeper destiny. Imagine your  blissful life and sacred partnership, while naturally cultivating more receptivity, and faith in your Self. Commit to falling in love with your "Self" and create a clear and powerful vision for your life and prepare for your sacred partnership. Cultivate more fun, freedom and positive relationships in your life!  


Inquiry: What does sacred partnership feel like?

Stage #3

Magnetic skillful action: More Being less doing....


Use your quantum energy "higher vibe" to be receptive to deeper relationships, opportunities and experiences at a higher frequency. Visualize, engage your emotions and take action as your own S/hero, while feeling confident that you attract the best. Embody more of the love that you are, while connecting more deeply with others.  Your heart is like a tuning fork. Coaching and community help you to amplify your Intentions, move out of  habitual negative patterning, and engage your internal guidance system towards your Authentic Self. Everything we experience is a reflection of our level of consciousness. Cultivating your innate magnetism attracts the best people, opportunities & experiences to you magically.


Inquiry: How do you feel most connected?

Group of people touching hands together in a circle

I suggest the Alchemy of love includes:

  • Choosing to focus on the beauty in your life now with gratitude.

  • Developing a consistent self-care or daily practice that best resonates with you.

  • Approaching challenges, as the seeds for spiritual transformation. Adversity only makes us stronger, and gives us an opportunity to re-align with our Soul.   

  • Allowing all of your feelings, surrendering to your clear Intention- not just to what we want, but how we can serve others. 

  • Magnetizing "spiritual partnership" with your unique empowered frequency or vibe. 

  • Drop the monkey mind, and listen to your heart on a deeper level

Are you ready for positive transformation?

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