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I do my best to share content from the heart on my You Tube, Facebook, and Instagram channels.  If this content has resonated with you and you feel inspired to support me, I am deeply grateful for your contributions via Venmo, or Patreon. 

More about the Feminist Power movement

The Feminist Power movement CLAIMS full Equality & Spiritual Sovereignty for women and girls globally.  We declare this as our birth right, as women are here to lead with compassion, wisdom, and most of all love into a bright new world.  

Staci Weller founded the “Feminist Power Movement” on March 24, 2019, as a means to empower women & girls outside of outdated patriarical realms.  We feel that women and girls in the US have great potential to overcome any challenges, and are positioned to be our global leaders, and the voices for those who have none.  We have faith that through solidarity, and partnership with those who are ready to regard, respect, protect & LOVE women, we are bringing peace to our world. 

“Together, We the people NOW CLAIM Equality, as well as full spiritual sovereignty for women & girls globally our birth right! We declare that the Divine Feminine & Masculine energy within everyone is now leading with Compassion, Wisdom, and most of all LOVE into a bright new world.” FPM

The Old Story: Unfortunately, US women have often been programmed to seek liberation and approval outside our Self, often from outdated patriarchal power structures based in misogyny. We feel that it is time for US Citizens to be aware that these power structures have NEVER supported women, unless they are forced to do so. It is also clear that these same power structures are often rooted and engaged in the control and abuse of women. We live in a world where the genders are far from equal, which harms all of humanity.  


**It is important to be aware that: Men won’t lose rights if women gain more.  Feminism has nothing to do with misandry, politics, or competing for power.  It is about collaborating & including the sacred masculine energy as our best ally.

The New Story: The Feminist Power Movement is raising awareness that empowering the female of the human species- women & girls simply makes EVERYTHING in Life better.  The Feminist Power Movement believes that our future depends upon the spiritual awakening of women & girls from the inside out.  We suggest that it is urgent for humanity to move out of dominator consciousness and into partnership consciousness. 

Light Work Web held by many hands, surrounding the earth, beautiful rainboow colors

The Feminist Power Movement is NOW magnetizing high level allies, resources, legal support, leaders, and an empowered resourced community for women and girls in the US.

Here are our short-term goals: 

1) Gain full non-profit 501C status in 2023 (currently in process)

2) Create an online learning platform that offers high value sacred feminine, relationship yoga centered educational content.

3) Magnetize high vibe partners to ensure that humanity has the tools to create safety, empowerment, and expansion into higher levels of consciousness.  

4) Collaborate on raising awareness about policies and initiatives that create safe spaces for women and girls.  Help our government representatives understand the urgency of publishing the ratified ERA - Equal Rights Amendment, the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution that delivers gender equality to all US Citizens.  

More about the ratified 28th Equal Rights Amendment

Feminists have been fighting for ERA since 1776, and “We the People” brought the amendment to full ratification in January of 2020.   The ERA is designed to make gender Equality legal in the US and offer those who do not identify as “men” equal legal protection.  


The ERA states: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” written by Alice Paul in 1921


The publication ERA will quantum leap humanity towards peace on Earth, and true democracy, with liberty and justice for all. We are co-creating new effective ways to raise public awareness, and help our lawmakers remember that they are also here to serve and protect the other 52% of our population (the majority). 

Learn more about the status of ERA here:

I provide a safe space of Unconditional Love, where positive transformation occurs naturally, from the inside out.

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