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My Services

Custom Relationship Coaching (online or in person)

Coach conducting session with client

Friday: Wisdom Goddess Meditation Circle
* for women (5:00-6:30pm PST) * $16.00


We invite you to experience the power of  meditation, manifesting & authentic sharing! We are all about creating a safe and bold space for supportive growth-oriented women.  This Circle practices active listening, intention setting, as well as giving and receiving support.  This experience is about cultivating Self care and receptivity...... Learn More

  "Manifest the One"
21 day Challenge, group Meditation & Manifesting (Shakti Tantra Yoga)
Training  for awakening women. 
8:00am PST Sessions : (4/21-5/5) $108.00

Hands forming a heart with a sunset in the background

 This 21 day meditation training challenge is for  growth-oriented women who are ready to develop deeper levels of inner peace and receptivity.  Together we will practice allowing our feelings, practicing self love, and higher levels of awareness with empowered support.  These 45 minute morning sessions are a safe space to experience deeper connection.  

*Together we engage the present moment, FEEL, practice non-judgement, and amplify our dreams.   Learn more

Collaborate with me!

My direct, honest and customized approach is about supporting you in releasing layers of negative patterning, so you can BE your highest Self.  I act as a collaborative partner & ally supporting you in owning your passions and true power, while living your heart's unique vision & inner revolution! 

Learn more

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