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Drop in for our "Shakti Centered"
Meditation & Manifesting Circles

"Go Girl!" doesn't cut it...
How about "Go Goddess!" instead?

Within our Shakti Meditation & Manifesting Circles we explore powerful divine feminine Archetypes created to be "awaken" our innate divine energy. 


"FEELING" into the energy of of our innate Divine Feminine  (Unconditional SELF LOVE)  is our authentic feminine power.  Goddesses Archtypes act as mirrors, that activate our ability to self realize, and remember who we really are.


Our Women's Intro to "Shakti Goddess" Meditation & Manifesting Circles provide a safe space of unconditional love where growth and positive transformation naturally occur. 

There is a lot of magic in a women's circle focused on meditation training, support, and allowing our highest Self. Together we practice meditation, sharing positive communication,  and setting powerful intentions. Our collective focus is on elevated authentic relating, self reflection, as well as clarifying and amplifying our true Self & heart's desires.  

**Each session provides a time to relax, slow down, FEEL, flow, deepen our relationship to Self, awaken our intuition, develop trust, and cultivate inner peacesuper powers we can all use a little more of, right?

Image by Samuel Ferrara

“To fall in love with your Self is to begin a lifelong romance.”

-Oscar Wilde

Will you join our next circle?

Dec 11 - Dec 17















How does it feel

to be connected to your heart?

Additional Services:

Meditation Training (upon request):

*For additional support on your unique personalized spiritual journey, I offer 1:1 & group Shakti Flow (similar to TM) meditation training. Research shows that regular meditation practices help us to transcend limited programming and remember our true nature - LOVE.   Collaborative Mantra meditation practice (similar to TM) inspires connection, higher levels of consciousness, and cultivates inner peace. 

Everyone has their own unique path.  The following are transformations that my clients experience when they develop a consistent meditation practice: 

  • Choosing to take care of yourself first

  • Committing to loving thoughts, and life choices

  • Consistently choosing loving energy for our body, mind, and soul

  • Looking  in the mirror and saying: “I love you and I am proud of you”

  • Choosing to focus on the beauty in your life now with gratitude

  • Developing your unique self-care practice

  • Viewing and approaching obstacles, or challenges, as the seeds for spiritual transformation  

  • Surrendering to your clear Intention- not just to what you want, but how you choose to serve others.

Our relationship with Self determines the quality of all of our relationships. Self love is the most powerful transformational energy in the Universe. Your magnetism grows the more you commit to yourself, and allow your heart to lead you on this path. My approach honors that there is no specific "right" destination or path, and every spiritual path is unique and worthy.

Portrait of Staci Weller, Spiritual Relationship Coach, wearing a moon goddess crown

I help you connect with the Universe as a creative partner, by offering consistent support, resources, and customized tools to support your awakening.   Cultivating inner peace with joyful gratitude, as well as focused intention supports fulfilling relationships, material wealth, spiritual connections, and clarifies awareness of your life's true purpose.  


Inquiry: How does it feel to meet each moment with an open heart, while being present to the synchronicities that magically come your way? 

Conscious Relationship Coaching accelerates your connection to your higher self, others and the Universe. 

woman performing yoga

Step #1:  Experience your body's innate energy centers, and tools to tune in to your highest Self. 

Man standing on rock at beach looking at sunset

Stage #2: Committing to unconditional Self  Compassion, daily rituals & develop your Intention.

People touching eachothers hands together in a circle

Step #3 : Connect in the world with an open heart, trusting your body's wisdom in the present moment.  


Ready to Awaken your Limitless Self?

Staci has helped me to be the leader in my own life, and take the time to connect with my soul.  I have an ally that listens, and reflects back my heart's desires, and my higher Self.  Staci is compassionate, dynamic, and very personable. I highly recommend her!


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