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Would You Like To Attract  Higher Vibe Relationships?

Let's manifest your dreams!
Its all about relationships, starting with the one we have with our Self.
You are a magical and Limitless being!

I collaborate with Singles ready to manifest:  
Authentic Passion, Purpose, & Partnership 

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Hello, thanks for visiting!

 I'm Staci, a Relationship & heart Liberation Coach,  joyfully offering 1:1 custom coaching, online Empowerment Circles, and training to amplify your highest intentions.


Do you feel like you are awakening to a higher level of awareness?

Would you like to attract higher "vibe" relationships?   


We are here on this planet to connect with with kindness, compassion and most of all  Love.  Now is OUR time!

You are the one you have been waiting for.  

You are a LIMITLESS being,  and a powerful Creator. 

Nothing outside of you will ever give you a true sense of Self.

You are never alone, we are in this together.  Spiritual Singles are supporting each other as one tribe, as we RISE to lead with LOVE!  


If this resonates, I invite you to reach out for a chat.   My focus is to create a safe space for you to be heard and acknowleged.  


All for Love,




What holds YOU back? 

Modern Feminists (those who believe in Gender Equality) are juggling a lot:

  • We live in a fast, mentally FOCUSED world, and often do not really listen to our heart or body.

  • We are BUSY often putting the needs of others ahead of our own.

  • We often do not take the time for a daily Self Care practice.

It is easy for us to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.   Sometimes we tell ourselves we are not "good enough", and feel alone or invisible.  We often speak to ourselves like a harsh critic instead of our own best friend.   This is the "old story".  

The truth is that our creative (life force) or frequency we call "Shakti" in yoga is limitless, and is the innate energy that is found within Everyone and Everything.  I am here to assist you in releasing blocks,  and cultivating your innate creative energy with personalized, transformational coaching. 

My customized online coaching sessions empower you in growing higher levels of trust, safety & connection while developing faith in your highest SELF. 


I suggest:  We must let go of who we think we are,  so we can BE who we are meant to be!   All the wisdom of is within you, you are your own best partner.  


Custom Relationship Coaching for Singles

"Self Love Club" Singles Circle- (2nd and 4th Fridays)

  "Manifest the One" Training 9/29-11/10

Therapy Session

Collaborate with me!

My direct, honest and customized approach is about supporting you in releasing layers of negative patterning, so you can BE your highest Self.  I act as a collaborative partner & ally supporting you in owning your passions and true power, while living your heart's unique vision & inner revolution! 

Learn more

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We invite you to experience the power of our collaborative Empowerment and Authentic Sharing Circle! We are all about creating a safe and bold space for supportive growth-oriented singles.  This Circle practices dynamic listening, vulnerability, while giving and receiving support.  This is about Self care and Self love...... Learn More


 This 7 session group training is for growth-oriented singles who are ready to step into manifesting soulful relationships, with empowered support.  We co-create a safe space to experience deeper connection.  

*Together we engage our passions, amplify our dreams, and co-create high vibes.   Learn more

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Are you ready to commit to your authentic Self and desire for a "high vibe" partnership on a deeper level?

Staci supported me in becoming "The One" responsible for providing myself the undivided attention, deep listening, and the warm compassionate space that I craved, and unconsciously expected men to give me.  She helped identify & speak my feelings, validate my heart's longings, and give them room to grow.  She taught me how I can use my energy to feel like a woman of value.  Now I find the more I nourish and treat my self as PRECIOUS, the more I feel peaceful, and complete.  Thank you Staci, for helping me embody my true Power and Beauty! 


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"We are incarnated at this time and place for a reason. 

For many of us, our highest purpose has yet to be revealed, yet it is eternally present within our hearts."