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"Manifest The One" Training for women

Sacred partnership is when two equals commit to each other for the purpose of mutual support, and personal growth.  The level that we attract is directly related to the level that we know and FEEL the Landscape of our own Soul.  

I support awakening women   manifest partnerships where both individuals elevate, and bring out the best in each other.  When each person consciously chooses this level of relationship it becomes a vehicle for something deeply enjoyable and nurturing.  Once we raise our level of Self-Love we are in a place to powerfully attract, and maintain a healthy and supportive Spiritual Partnership.

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We have all heard the relationship advice: “Be who or what you want to attract” or “be your authentic self” so many times. This is great advice, but where do we learn to BE our authentic Self, if we don’t really know our true self?  How can we experience deep relationships when we have an armored heart?  In this program I will show you how....

Image by Ivana Cajina

-Anais Nin

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."

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If we hide our true Self, how can we really be loved for who we are?

In our 7 week "Manifest the One Training" Our high vibe Tribe will focus on key weekly topics based on our Feeling into our energy body, "Wisdom Centers" or chakras.  This training includes 7 weekly live training modules, video coaching, meditation practices, and journaling exercises.  Thursdays (1/26-3/9) 6-7:30 PM PST 

Together as empowered collaborators we will: 

  • Week 1: Prepare for Love, by cultivating grounded presence.   Get you out of your head and into your grateful heart.  Connect with -your root chakra "home frequency" in every cell of  your body.  Commit to a daily Self Care practice, your collaborators, and your highest Self.  

  • Week 2: Release "our old stories", create an expansive new one.  Sacral chakra-Free your Life force/sexual energy from emotional love blocks, trauma into more pleasure and passion.  

  • Week 3: Access and stand in your POWER. Solar plexus chakra. Direct your personal will POWER and take action towards your heart's desires.  Explore receptivity as power.  BE IT

  • Week 4: Open your heart chakra attract immense LOVE.    Vision and cultivate  heart coherence by taking LOVING actions toward yourself and others.  Gain clarity on your unique purpose, passions, and your vision of  a romantic partnership.  See with your heart.

  • Week 5: Throat Chakra Compassionate Communication:  Say NO to what you don't want so you can say YES to what you do want.  Create use a kind exit strategy.  Practice dynamic listening skills, while practicing non-judgement and encouraging others.  Proactively expand and create your supportive Tribe, feel your need for others. 

  • Week 6: 3rd Eye Create your Vision by honoring your body Intution/Inner Wisdom. Nurture and Manifest "the one" by preparing your body, heart, and home for the current reality of your spiritual partnership.  Identify your passion and purpose, and the best customized places for you to meet potential partners. Be receptive to the support of your tribe.  

  • Week 7:  Crown Chakra, experience the Universe as your Creative partner.  Declare, clarify, and amplify your Magnetic "Manifesting the One" Attraction plan with the tribe.  Show up as the "One".   Walk in the world as a partner who creates a safe space for connection with amplified receptivity and magnetism.  Commit to growing the self trust and confidence that you are, drawing more love and create space for more Love and your partner.  

  • All of this and so much more...Will you join us? 

My Story

After 17 years of what I call “trial and error” dating, and lot of frustration and heartbreak, I got to a point where I realized I needed to be the "chooser"!  I got real about how I was or was not showing up in relationships.   I started to intentionally observe what was keeping from opening my heart, and found that I had some unhealthy relationship patterns that I repeated over and over.  Finally, I said “enough!” and consciously chose to become my own best partner. 

Once I committed to honoring and loving myself, I got really clear about who I am and 

Portrait of Staci and husband Tom

what I wanted in my life.  I made a shift: Instead of focusing and complaining to my girlfriends about what I did not want in a partner, I focused on the characteristics that I REALLY wanted in a healthy partnership, and cultivated them by being more present in all of my relationships. From this place I partnered with the Universe and manifested the one. 

I declared to the  Universe "I am ready to attract my life partner!"   Then a miracle occurred....I manifested this spiritual partnership just after I became a Life Coach, and got Intentional about the kind of relationship that would support me in being my best Self, and him in being his best Self.  


I met my sweet husband at a singles Halloween party weeks after I declared my focused intention.  I made a powerful shift from focusing on what I DO want instead of what I don’t.  We now have an amazing life together with three super cool teenage children and a dachshund named Coco.  We are not perfect, but we are devoted to each other while co-creating an evolving spiritual growth based partnership.  We have been married for over 22 years, and am grateful every day for my beautiful husband and Soulmate. 


I am in love with love, so it is with great joy that I help others manifest spiritual partnership.

Staci is an amazing coach. She has helped me work through several rough patches in my marriage.   I've come out on the other side a happier person with faith in my Self, and more clarity about what I choose to attract into my life. 


Lovers kissing with starry sky in background

Are you ready to manifest the "One"?

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