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Lalita Sundari, the Goddess of Shaktism

"The love we cultivate in our own heart is the only energy that draws more love to us."

Shakti Tantra teaching

*The tantric Wisdom "yoga" Goddesses of Shaktism reflect our highest Self.  

"Intro to Shakti Yoga"  Training for women

Image by Ivana Cajina

-Anais Nin

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."

Staci is an amazing coach. She has helped me work through several rough patches in my marriage.   I've come out on the other side a happier person with faith in my Self, and more clarity about what I choose to attract into my life. 


In the west the practice of yoga is most often practices as postures or asanas.  Yoga Asana is actually a small part of the 8 limbs of yoga, and is often presented from a masculine perspective.  Yoga meaning "union" is an experience of weaving our own sacred masculine and sacred feminine energies for the purpose of expanding consciousness.  The practice of yoga teaches us the science of personal transformation. 


In Shakti Yoga we utilize meditation, breath, and the Tantric Wisdom Goddess archtypes to awaken us to the peace that is already within each of us.  I created Shakti Tantra meditation as a means to deepen the teachings of Yoga Philosophy, while raising awareness of the emerging divine feminine in our world.  I invite you to discover how simple and practical these "awakening" tools and techniques are.   

In our 21 day  "Shakti Flow" meditation training for women.  Our high vibe Tribe will learn a powerful yet simple authentic Tantra meditation technique, designed to quiet your monkey mind, and support your overall well being  from the inside out. 

Our small & supportive group training will focus on 7 key weekly topics based on:

  • Cultivating deeper levels of self compassion & self love

  • Learning & Developing the practice of "Self Observation"

  • Practice "FEELING AND ALLOWING" in our energy body"

  • Experiencing our "Wisdom Goddess Centers" or chakras.

This training includes:

  • authentic lineage based Shakti Flow Tantra meditation training *option for Tantric Initiation

  • 21 live one hour morning zoom calls (8:00 am PST)

  • 7 video training modules with content

  •  A supportive private FB group 

Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, and Crown Chajkra Diagram with positions on the human body

"Intro To Shakti Yoga" Tantra training is designed for you experience: 

  • Module 1: Root Chakra: MOTHER EARTH/Survival  Connect with your unique grounded spiritual presence to let go of  fears, worries and situations related to money, career, safety and security.   

         Inquiry: Do I feel safe in the world/ in my body? 

         Declaration: "I am abundant, protected & safe in my body."

  • Module 2: Sacral Chakra: WARRIOR/CREATRIX/Relationships LET GO and Flow, release old stories and blocks, by FEELING into the present moment.   Learn techniques to Transform trauma, and fear into more desire, pleasure and passion!      Inquiry: How do I express my desires? How do I approach relationships?

         Declaration: "I allow all my feelings, and release them to flow" 

  • Week 3:  Solar Plexus: QUEEN/Identity I release false control systems, false identities and choose to use my POWER for my ultimate good and the good of others.  Direct your personal will POWER and take action towards your true heart's desires.  Explore receptivity as power.   

         Inquiry: Who am I?  What is my Identity?

        Declaration: "I release the old stories, I create and evolve from the inside out."


       Week 4: Heart Chakra/LOVER I allow and release fears related to giving and                            receiving love. My heart is open and flowing freely with love for myself and others.

        Inquiry:  How do I follow the frequency of Unconditional Love? 

        Declaration: "I allow myself to give and receive love easily."

  • Module 5: Throat Chakra: CREATRIX & Compassionate Communication:  I choose to allow and release fear and negativity that prevents me from expressing my truth. I lovingly speak my truth and allow my Higher Self to speak through me.                Inquiry: How do I express my heart & soul? Declaration: " I use my words to create beauty, and my New Empowered story."

  • Module 6: 3rd Eye Chakra: WISE WOMAN/Intution/Super powers.  I voluntarily release fears of looking at my past, present and future. I release any fears I have of seeing my Truth. 

         Inquiry: How do I trust and act upon my inner wisdom and intution?

        Declaration: "My vision is perfectly ordered and illuminated by love, I trust mySelf."  

  • Week 7:  Crown Chakra:UNION, experience the Universe as your Creative partner.  Declare, clarify, and amplify your Magnetic Vision.  Show up as the "One". I allow the light to dissolve any barriers that prevent me from receiving wisdom and guidance. I give up all fear and open myself to listen to my Soul and Higher Self.                     

          Inquiry: How do I create inner Union/connection to Creative Source?

          Declaration: "I am in balance and harmony with the whole Universe!!!"

  • All of this and so much more...Will you join us? 

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