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THE DIVINE FEMININE IS RISING, and WE THE PEOPLE DECLARE THAT women and shall be respected, and protected under the US Constitution. The ERA was fully Ratified by "We the People" as the 28th Amendment in January 2020, but Congress placed a time limit on the amendment that was not part of the original document written in 1920. May 2023 UPDATE: "On 4/27/23 Our Democratic Senators,Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski acted from a place of love for Equality, and brought SJ 4- the bill to remove the time limit on the RATIFIED 28TH AMENDMENT TO REMOVE THE TIME LIMIT TO THE FLOOR FOR A VOTE. THE ERA NEEDED 60 VOTES, AND RECEIVED 51 ***The 47 Senators who voted AGAINST WOMEN & the ERA, (7 of whom are WOMEN) have been programmed to be misogynists (hate themselves) on a soul level. We see this as a TREASONIST ACT, AS THEY ARE CHOOSING NOT TO REPRESENT 52% OF THE US POPULATION. CURRENTLY THEY HAVE THE POWER TO AND ARE TAKING EFFECTIVE ACTIONS TO STRIP US CITIZENS WHO ARE NOT "MEN" of BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. MOST US CITIZENS ARE UNAWARE OF THIS AND OFTEN REACT WITH ANGER WHEN THEY HEAR ABOUT IT. 1.5 minute VIDEO ABOUT ERA-basic human rights for US Women

***Staci offers a non Duel/ Partnership Consciousness view presences the reality that humanity is all one family, and asks what would it look like if we all operated from this place??? What does Radical Sacred Humanism look like???? This requires us to cooperate and take positive action, or Interdependent "Co-Arising". The US Senate shall choose to publish the RATIFIED ERA-"The Equal Rights Amendment" and protect US Women, girls and non-binary citizens under the US Constitution. ERA ReEvolution believes that ERA is the low hanging fruit for Peace on Earth! For more about Staci Relationship Coaching, and Radical Sacred Humanism please visit: ****Please learn more, sign petition to Remind Chuck Schumer and the US Senate who they work for, and share more about

ERA here: eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=28bf5288-caea-48a9-aac5-059b1c9759cb Please learn more, sign the peitions, and share. Especially share with those who have platforms, and Constituional Law degrees! We believe we have a case for taxation without representation. We are one family, it is time for us to Lead with Love into the new Earth providing a more conscious and unified world for our children.

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