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Cultivate Inner Peace (with Meditation)

Do you long to experience more soulful relationships with yourself and others? Do you feel like the Universe is calling you to a higher level of consciousness? For more about Relationship Yoga for Divine Feminists visit

As a Relationship Coach, Meditation Teacher, mother, and entrepreneur I have experienced these same feelings. So I am creating safe spaces for women to deepen their spiritual experience in a community where they feel supported by other awakening women. Our Womens’s circles are about using conscious communication, meditation, and intention setting as tools for you to Awaken your unique Goddess! **Research has shown that Meditation practices and healthy relationships help us to be in the present moment and improve our overall wellbeing. I teach easy practices that support me and my collaborators in cultivating inner peace, from the inside out. Deep connection improves ALL our relationships AND our most important relationship: The one we have with our SELF. I suggest that you are the one you have been waiting for and all POWER is already within you. YOU are here to AWAKEN to who you really are. You are needed to lead with Compassion, Wisdom and most of all Love into a peaceful new world. I would love to support you. PLEASE friend me on FB and follow me on social. Sending LOVE Staci Shree, Consciousness Coach, & Meditation Teacher

(Vedic and Tibetian lineage holder/Shakti Tradition leader)

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